MiniVintage – F1 – 2000 German GP

We enjoyed so many great races this season at MiniVintage, but it’s time to say goodbye with the season finale. When we started the MiniVintage section, the idea was to do the races from 2000 to 2009, and it’s time to check out one of the races of the first season.

The 2000 German Grand Prix was in our minds for three reasons: the first one was the crash of Michael Schumacher on the first lap when he was trying to overtake David Coulthard, the second one was the fan who was walking around the track waving a banter, causing a safety car and the chaos at the track, and the third, and most important, was the first victory of Rubens Barrichello in Formula 1, after making a comeback from the 18th position, an image that was in our memory specially after watching the Brazilian driver crying at the podium. Enjoy the best moments of the race with your favorite characters and have fun with the MiniDrivers.

MiniVintage – F1
2000 German GP

That’s it for this season. MiniVintage will return next year with more classic races, and you will decide the chapters on a poll that will be shown in September. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready because the F1 and MotoGP seasons are going to start really soon.