2019 – Alfa Romeo Racing

And the day arrived. Preseason has started in Barcelona and we saw the last team with Alfa Romeo Racing. The old Sauber F1 Team left Formula 1 and their place was for Alfa Romeo Racing, the classic team that returned with more force to the grid and the one who made the biggest jump in 2018.


With a new line-up with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo want to be the fourth team of the grid and most of the people believe that they will become Ferrari’s B team, but we think that if they continue with the progression that they showed to the fans last year, they can become one of the strongest teams of the grid.

We finally saw the 20 cars of the grid and we’re now ready for the preseason at Barcelona. Stay tuned to know what will happen on this awesome season and don’t forget to check our social networks because we will bring you some surprises really soon.