MiniVintage – MotoGP – 2004 Qatar GP

Hello MiniFans!

Time for another MiniVintage chapter. Every 10 days during the next two months you’re going to enjoy a classic race of F1 and MotoGP in Mini Version and now it’s time to change from 4 wheels to 2 with the first MotoGP chapter of the season.

2004 was a great season for Valentino Rossi, he fought against Sete Gibernau to become World Champion for the 6th time, and also it was the first ever time where MotoGP raced at Qatar, the race that nowadays is held at night. In that race Rossi and Biaggi had to make a comeback after receiving both a penalty and Rossi was the biggest surprise during the first laps. Enjoy the vision of that race with your favorite characters and meet new characters and attacks with the MiniBikers.

MiniVintage – MotoGP
2004 Qatar GP

That’s it for now. Remember that every 10 days we’re going to enjoy more races of the 3rd season of MiniVintage, and we’re going to continue with the 2006 F1 Brazil GP. Stay tuned to know the vision of those classic races with your favorite cartoons.