MiniVintage – F1 – 2007 Chinese GP

Hello MiniFans!

Here we are again with another MiniVintage chapter. If we look back to 2007 we had so many great moments for that season that we already made at MiniVintage like the final race of the season or the crazy European GP, but we haven’t seen yet the race that was the major change of the championship (and one of the most famous moments in Spain), the 2007 Chinese Grand Prix.

Lewis had everything ready to become World Champion in China, he only had to finish ahead of Alonso and Kimi or finish in 3rd position and he would become World Champion on his 1st season in F1… But something happened on that race. Do you wanna see the vision of MiniDrivers of that race? Then let’s go!

MiniVintage – F1
2007 Chinese GP

That’s it for now. Remember that every 10 days we’re going to enjoy more races of the 3rd season of MiniVintage, and we’re going to continue with the 2004 MotoGP Qatar GP. Stay tuned to know the vision of those classic races with your favorite cartoons.