MiniVintage – F1 – 2005 Japanese GP

Happy New Year MiniFans!

2019 has started and the Minis are ready with the new MiniVintage season. After making the poll with all the races, the fans decided the races that we’re going to see this year and we’re going to start with the great comeback of Kimi Raikkonen and the awesome overtake of Alonso to Schumacher at the 130R turn at the 2005 Japanese GP. Check out our vision of that race with your favorite characters.

MiniVintage – F1
2005 Japanese GP

That’s it for now. Remember that every 10 days we’re going to enjoy more races of the 3rd season of MiniVintage, and we’re going to continue with the 2007 Chinese GP. Stay tuned to know what happened on that race with our MiniDrivers.