F1 – Hungarian GP – Race

Hello MiniFans and welcome to the race report of the Hungarian Grand Prix! We had an unexpected startgrid due to the heavy rain during qualifying yesterday. With other words; it promised to be another exciting race full of twists and turns!


The Silberpfeilen and le rosse had a very good start. Vettel passed Raikkeonen after the first meters and also Verstappen got away well and moved up to the fifth place. Leclerc’s race stopped after barely two laps because of mechanical problems, while Ricciardo fell four places back due to contact with Ericsson as he reported over the radio. Verstappen lost power in his sixth lap on the Hungaroring and had to park his car in the grass. We later got to know that his MGU-K was the source of his problems.

Raikkonen was irritable after he got to know that he couldn’t drink. His team simply forgot to connect the drinks bottle and let him thirsty for the rest of the race on the hot track. Meanwhile, we could enjoy the catch up of Ricciardo. He fell down to the sixteenth position and glided pass all the drivers like it was nothing to the eight position within fifteen laps only! Also Gasly is noteworthy. After his great qualifying, he could hold on to the fifth place for a very long time and even drove for a coulpe of laps as third after the pitstops of Raikkonen and Bottas.

Raikkonen’s pitstop took a little bit longer because the mechanics had to remove some rubber that ended up in the brake cooling of his car. In the end, it wasn’t that big of a deal and could overtake Gasly again for the fourth position. Concurrently, we saw Ricciardo pushing to reach Gasly and the Aussie overtook the Frenchman two laps later. Halfway through the race, we started to see more and more blisters on the tyres of the drivers. It gave them some troubles later on in the race.

Stroll procrastinated his pitstop the longest of all the drivers. He waited a whopping 50 laps until he changed his tyres! A lap later, we could see Vandoorne stopping his car due to problems with his gearbox. He had these problems already at the beginning of the race, but could fight back to the eighth position in vain. Meanwhile, Raikkonen drove had all the fastest sectors on his name with his blistering tyres. With fifteen laps to go, we could see Hulkenberg overtaking Perez and Vettel hunting on Bottas for several laps.


With only five laps left, we saw Vettel overtaking Bottas and hitting him with his rear left tyre causing a piece of his front wing to fly off and to lose time. Raikkonen could overtake the Silberpfeil that way as well. The brakes of Bottas later locked up when Ricciardo wanted to overtake him. This ensured that Bottas collided with him and he pushed the honeybadger off the track. However, he could still overtake the Mercedes driver during the last lap of the race.


Lewis Hamilton won the 33rd Hungarian Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel in second position and Kimi Raikkonen in third. Daniel Ricciardo finished as fourth and the unlucky Valtteri Bottas finished as fifth. The top ten was completed by Gasly, who drove a fantastic race, followed by Magnussen and Alonso, who took some points home on his birthday, Sainz and Grosjean.

It is time for the drivers to rest a bit and for us to prepare ourselves for the rest of the battle for the world title. We are back in a month for the Belgian Grand Prix, the first race after the summerbreak!