F1 – Monaco GP – Qualifying

The glamour of Monaco arrived one more year for Formula 1. The Monaco Grand Prix gave us an exciting battle for the pole position at the streets of the race that every driver want to win and only a few could taste the victory.


Max Verstappen had a crash during the FP3 and he changed his gearbox, something that mean 5 position grid penalty for tomorrow’s race, and the team had to do all their best to have the car ready for the qualifying. Raikkonen made a great lap that gave him a provisional first position, and he was even annoyed by Bottas on that lap, but Ricciardo improved the time of the Ferrari driver. The hypersoft compound made his debut on this race, and every driver tried their lap with that compound, and as it was normal at Monaco, the traffic was the major problem for everyone during the first session. Chequered flag with Ricciardo on first position and with Hartley, Ericsson, Stroll, Magnussen and Verstappen at the elimination zone.

Second round of qualifying and mistakes would mean stay out of the final round of qualifying. Ricciardo was again on top with a new track record. Everyone made their lap with hyper soft, except Mercedes who tried the ultra soft, but it’s not enough for them who pitted to change their tyres and then have enough time to make their lap and stay safe for the last round. During the last seconds the chaos appeared at Monaco with all the drivers trying to improve their time and stay on top 10. Chequered flag and Ricciardo was again on first position with a new track record, at the elimination zone we had Hulkenberg, Vandoorne, Sirotkin, Leclerc and Grosjean.

Final round of qualifying and the eyes were on Daniel Ricciardo who was the favorite for the pole position, but who knows if Ferrari will get the pole or if Mercedes will finally appear. This is Monaco and everything can happen. Both Mercedes made an awesome lap, but Ricciardo appeared and improved Hamilton’s lap by almos half of a second, being the first drive on making a 1:10 lap at Monaco.

Last pitstop for everyone and time to make the best lap at Monaco. Vettel improved Hamilton’s time, who was coming with purple sector but lost everything at the last sector. Ricciardo improved his second sector but he couldn’t beat his time.

aniel Ricciardo took the pole position at Monaco. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will start right behind him and the top 10 was completed with Raikkonen, Bottas, Ocon, Alonso, Sainz, Pérez and Gasly.

We know that not everybody can overake at Monaco, so the favorite for the victory will be Ricciardo, but we had to put an eye at the back with Max Verstappen, he will give us a great show and we hope we will see some nice battles tomorrow for the podium. Stay tuned for more updates.