ABB Formula E – Rome E-Prix – Race

New race on a new track for the ABB Formula E championship. Rome was the chosen city to hold a new E-Prix this season and we had an exciting race for the start of the European races.


Felix Rosenqvist started on pole position at Rome and had the pace to win the race, even with Sam Bird chasing him during the whole race. The teammate of the British driver wasn’t lucky during the whole weekend, crashing in almost every session, and same happened during the race, hitting Jean Eric Vergne after the start, having to pit at the early start of the race.

The first half of the race was quite relaxing, with not so much action, with Lopez overtaking Filippi and nearly hitting Prost, overtaking the French driver later. It was Antonio Felix Da Costa the showman during the first laps, making a great comeback from the 20th position to the points before the pitstop.

Before reaching the moment of the pitsop, Lopez overtook Turvey on a movement where both drivers hit each other, but the worst part was for Turvey, who also hit Heidfeld and both drivers crashed into the wall… but this wasn’t enough and we saw how Filippi and Mortara also crashed without option to avoid both drivers. Once the pitstop was done, Piquet had problems with the seatbelts and had to stop his car and retire from the race. Alex Lynn caused a full course yellow after crashing into the wall.

Once the green flag was shown, the madness appeared again at Rome with Di Grassi chasing and overtaking Lotterer. The most iconic moment of the race was Felix Rosenqvist hitting the wall, breaking the suspension of his Mahindra and having to retire of the race, causing another full course yellow, but just before showing the FCY, Di Grassi overtook Buemi with his Fanboost.

During the final laps of the race, Buemi started to lose positions with Lotterer who started to chase the drivers for the fight for the podium. Di Grassi was trying to overtake Mitch Evans who was defending his podium, but the Brazilian could take the position and it was now time for Lotterer who also overtook the Jaguar driver… and also Daniel Abt. On the final lap, Evans had to race as slow as possible because he lost all of his energy.

Sam Bird won the first Rome E-Prix with Lucas Di Grassi second, but with an open investigation for unsafe release and Andre Lotterer 3rd. The top 10 was completed with Abt, Vergne, Buemi, D’Ambrosio, Engel, Evans and Mortara.

The next round of the championship will be in two weeks at Paris. Stay tuned to know what will happen on this unique championship which is heading into the final rounds.