MiniVintage – MotoGP – 2004 South African GP

Valentino Rossi made his debut with Yamaha at the 2004 South African Grand Prix. The rider at Yamaha wanted to show that he was able to win with another manufacturer. Max Biaggi tried to stop him on his first race with Yamaha, but you know that Valentino has always an ace under the sleeve, so watch our highlights of that race to know how Rossi managed to get his first victory at Yamaha.

MiniVintage – MotoGP
2004 South African GP

That’s it for now, the final race of the season will be the 2007 F1 Brazilian GP, a race where both McLaren drivers had the chance to get the title, but where Kimi Raikkonen achieved his first championship. Stay tuned to know what happened on that race in Mini style.