MiniVintage – MotoGP 2006 Valencian GP

If there’s a nice way to make a tribute to Nicky Hayden is making the MiniVintage chapter about the race where he become MotoGP World Champion. The 2006 Valencian Grand Prix was a race where Valentino Rossi had everything in favor to become World Champion, but a bad start combined with a crash a couple of laps later made the italian rider to lose the chances to become World Champion and was Nicky the one who could take the champion’s trophy. The best way to remember Hayden is watching again that race in Mini version.

MiniVintage – 2×03
2006 MotoGP Valencian GP

That’s it for now. The next race will be the 2002 F1 Australian Grand Prix, a race with a chaotic start, something that we’re used to see in Australia. Stay tuned for more updates!