MiniVintage – 2001 Malaysian GP

Second chapter of the MiniVintage season, the series where you will enjoy the classic races in Mini version.

It’s time for another classic Formula 1 race. The fans voted for the 2001 Malaysian Grand Prix. The Sepang International Circuit was young for these years, being the 3rd time that they had a F1 race, but for those who enjoyed the races of the latest years, we know that when the rain appears in Malaysia, it makes with heavy rain (something that nowadays it’s undriveable for the current F1 drivers) and we can see a lot of mistakes and crashes in those moments until they reach the pitlane. This is what happened in 2001, where the rain surprised all the drivers, specially to the Ferrari drivers who had not only problems on track, they also had it during their pitstop, having to make a comeback after that, but in those years, Ferrari was invincible and you can imagine what happened, but what you haven’t seen is the Mini version of that race.

MiniVintage – 2×02
2001 Malaysian Grand Prix

And that’s it for now. The next race that we’re going to enjoy for MiniVintage will be the MotoGP 2006 Valencia Grand Prix, the race where Nicky Hayden become World Champion and the best way to make him a tribute.