MiniDrivers – Road to Indy

The season of MiniDrivers is coming to the end with our season finale. A chapter that will show you the highlights of the whole season with a complete point of view. With Fernando Alonso trying the Indy 500, Indycar become the point of view with the grid making a special race… but showing you what happened during the whole season with a different type of car. Sit down and relax, because the cars will start their engines and we’re going to get ready to rumble!

MiniDrivers – 9×21
Road to Indy

And our season is now over. The MiniDrivers will now rest until the next season, but stay tuned because MiniVintage will come back again on January, so our MiniDrivers and MiniBikers will show you again the best highlights of some classic races from 2000 to 2009.