F1 – Abu Dhabi GP – Race

The show of the Formula 1 season is over. Abu Dhabi was the last race of the season with the victory of Valtteri Bottas. Now until March we won’t see again those cars racing for being the best.


At the start Valtteri Bottas stayed on first position with Lewis behind him avoiding Vettel to overtake him. Only Ricciardo was one of the drivers who overtook on top 10, taking the place of Kimi Raikkonen who overtook him on the first turn. Magnussen, on their side, ran away of the track and after that he spun.

One of the battles of the first lap was between Hulkenberg and Perez. The Renault driver overtook Pérez using the outside of the track at the chicane, and that caused the german driver to receive a 5 second time penalty.

Where we had fun was with the battle between Grosjean and Stroll. The French driver was overtaking Stroll at the first DRS zone, but Lance was recovering the position at the second DRS zone. After a few laps Grosjean could stay in front and overtook Lance Stroll.

Daniel Ricciardo who was making a race without making noises, had a small problem when we saw how a couple of pieces of his car jumped and he retired a few seconds later. Meanwhile Alonso and Massa had a pitstop battle. The Spaniard tried to make an undercut to Felipe, but the Brazilian driver stayed in front, but Alonso used the DRS zone to overtake Felipe.

Another driver who tried to make something different was Lewis Hamilton who was recovering time to his teammate after the pitstop and made a mistake by blocking the tires and running out of the track.

Carlos Sainz who was making a great race with Renault made his pitstop and tried to overtake Alonso, but the Renault crew made a mistake on their pitstop and they didn’t put correctly the front left tire, and the spaniard driver had to retire.

The final laps of the season gave us a relaxed race in all the places, and we only saw how Hamilton was trying to catch his teammate but he didn’t overtake him.

Valtteri Bottas won the last race of the season with Lewis Hamilton 2nd and Sebastian Vettel 3rd. The top 10 was completed with Raikkonen, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Perez, Ocon, Alonso and Felipe Massa.

The season is now over and the new era of F1 will start in 2018 with the new logo, the halo and who knows if it will be with new teams and drivers. The MiniDrivers will continue explaining all the highlights of the race so stay tuned to know what will happen to our favorite motorsport.