F1 – Malaysian GP – Race

This is the end for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Formula 1. The last race in F1 gave us in Sepand an awesome comeback, a new winner this season, and a surprise crash at the end of the race.

Before the start of the race Ferrari had again problems, this time with Kimi Raikkonen, who couldn’t start the race due problems on his engine. Mercedes had everything in favor today for the championship, but they had a different rival today. Lewis Hamilton started on pole, but the surprise was that Red Bull had a better pace today and Max Verstappen overtook the British driver and took the first position of the race.

On the other hand Sebastian Vettel was making a different strategy and was overtaking all the drivers he had in front, reaching Valtteri Bottas before the 50% of the race, and still without making his pitstop. During the race we also saw how the Williams drivers were having a battle between them, but the only retirement that we had during the race was only the other Ferrari who couldn’t start the race.

Esteban Ocon had a battle with Carlos Sainz and when he tried to overtake him, the Spaniard hit him and the French driver spun at the first turn, losing a few positions. Meanwhile on top, Hamilton and Verstappen made their pitstop. A couple of laps later, the Spaniard of Toro Rosso had to retire for problems after the crash with Ocon.

Palmer had a few problems too, after spinning on the third sector and being overtaken by Alonso, he spun again two turns later and was overtaken by more drivers. He even was close to hit Verstappen on the second mistake.

During the final laps Vettel was chasing Ricciardo and complained about Alonso when they were lapping him. The podium was in the air and the German driver wanted that 3rd position, but the driver from Red Bull showed that he had a few seconds in the pocket and put some space between him and Vettel.

Max Verstappen won the Malaysian Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton 2nd and Daniel Ricciardo 3rd. The top 10 was completed with Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Pérez, Stoffel Vandoorne, Lance Stroll, Felipe Massa and Esteban Ocon. But this was not over, during the returning lap, Stroll hit Vettel, destroying all the rear part of his Ferrari, making the German to return to boxes at Wehrlein’s car, like Webber in 2012 with Alonso in Singapore.

The fight for the championship is still alive with a few races left for the end of the season. Sebastian Vettel will fight for the end and Lewis Hamilton will have to look after the Red Bull, who could become the judges of the season.