F1 – Hungarian GP – Race

Formula 1 will start the summer break after the race at Hungaroring. Sebastian Vettel won the race from the start and even with a few problems, could stop his teammate and Lewis Hamilton on a really hot race.


At the start Daniel Ricciardo was hit by his teammate and had to retire, causing the only safety car that we watched during the whole race. Verstappen received a 10 second time penalty for that collision.

After that, the race continued without battles or overtakes on track, and it wasn’t until the pitstop when we saw some action, when Romain Grosjean had to stop his car because on his pitstop there was a problem with his rear right tyre and it wasn’t correctly changed.

On the front the top 4 drivers made their pitstop without problems… except for Sebastian Vettel who started to go slow on track due a problem with his steering wheel. With that Kimi, Bottas and Hamilton started to get closer to him, and even Bottas let his teammate to overtake him to chase Kimi.

During the second part of the race we saw a battle between Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso where the McLaren driver overtook the Toro Rosso young driver after the pitstop with a small battle between them. Meanwhile Hulkenberg was pushed out of the track by Magnussen who received a 5 second time penalty for that action.

On the final laps, Hamilton was getting really close to Kimi, while the second driver of Ferrari was getting also close to his teammate, but none of them overtook each other. When they reached the finish line, Hamilton gave the position back to his teammate.

Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian GP and increased his advantage to Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas finished on the podium. The top 10 was completed with Hamilton, Verstappen, Alonso, Sainz, Pérez, Ocon and Vandoorne.

Formula 1 is starting right now their summer break and will return in a few weeks with the Belgian GP, but don’t worry, because we have more races during the next weeks with MotoGP coming back after their summer break.