Formula E – Paris ePrix – Race

The Paris ePrix is over one more year and the championship is getting better for Sebastien Buemi. The race at the Circuit des Invalidés brought us the emotion that only Formula E can give us.


Sebastien Buemi who started on pole position had a great start but Vergne tried to overtake him, but the Renualt driver could beat him on the first turn and also started to make fastest laps and put some distance between him and the french driver. Di Grassi was on 15th position trying to overtake Dillmann, but the problem was that the Paris track is quite hard to overtake.

Gutiérrez, who was overtaken by Rosenqvist started to create a train with Frijns, Evans and Prost. Meanwhile, Nelson Piquet made a mistake and was overtaken by three drivers, being Di Grassi one of them, but the brazilian driver now had a battle with Da Costa, being nearly impossible to overtake him and when he finally decided to overtake him, both drivers crashed and finished the Amlin Andretti driver on the wall, causing a FCY on track and the chaos at boxes.

Conway who was the only driver who didn’t pitted yet, was leading the race but Buemi was close to him, so the first position is dream for the returning driver of Faraday Future. Di Grassi who used his fanboost to attack Prost received (and also Carroll) a drive through penalty for making their pitstop under the minimum pitstop time.

In front Buemi used his fanboost to increase his distance with Vergne, but the french driver had a strange move and crashed his Techeetah into the wall, causing a safety-car. After the SC period, nothing changed in front of the race with Buemi taking control of Lopez, but if we want surprises, we came to the right place.

Just on the final laps, Di Grassi was trying to get the fastest lap of the race, but he crashed into the wall, causing another safety car, something that also happened last year here, so we could say that the safety car driver was the winner again in Paris, but we must tell the truth, but before explaining the top 10, another thing happened.

When they were reaching the finish line, Abt’s car shut down, causing a car chaos, Gutierrez who will receive a 5 second time penalty with Frijns, saw how all the drivers were really close to him for Abt’s fault, but after reaching the finish line he lost so many positions due the penalty, finishing out of the points.

Sebastien Buemi won the Paris ePrix being more leader of the championship and getting close to his second crown in Formula E. Jose Maria Lopez took his first Formula E podium and Nick Heidfeld took the third place. The top 10 was completed with Rosenqvist, Frijns, Prost, Abt, Gutierrez, Piquet andDillmann.

And that’s it for now, the next race will be a two-round race with the Berlin ePrix, a weekend that will be horrible for the Mini, being the first time that we will have 4 chapters to be done the same week. We’ll see how are we going to manage this but before that, stay tuned for more updates.