F1 – Spanish GP – Race

The Spanish Grand Prix is over and the drivers are heading now to the next race at Monaco… Except Fernando Alonso, who will make the Indy500. Lewis Hamilton won in Barcelona and he’s closer to Sebastian Vettel at the championship.


The start was a bit chaotic. Lewis Hamilton started on pole but Sebastian Vettel overtook the Mercedes driver. Bottas tried to defend the position against Kimi, but he touched him, making the iceman to crash with Verstappen, making both drivers to retire and giving us a great image of the race when a kid who was crying after the retirement of Kimi, was carried by the Ferrari team and could meet his hero. Also at the start, Massa touched Fernando Alonso and the spaniard had to go to the gravel, but could continue.

During the race the spaniards were behind the Haas drivers, being Magnussen ahead of Sainz, and Grosjean ahead of Alonso. The McLaren driver tried to make an undercut, but it wasn’t enough to overtake them. Magnussen and Sainz made their pitstop at the same time, and made the pit exit on the same positions but with a strange movement from the spaniard.

Valtteri Bottas made teamwork with Lewis Hamilton. After the pitstop of Sebastian, the german driver found the number 77 who was really slow on the track, making Lewis to get closer to Sebastian, but the german driver overtook Valtteri after a few laps. Lewis also overtook Bottas without problems.

Felipe Massa had some strange love with McLaren because after having contact with Fernando at the start, he found Vandoorne at the straight and tried to overtake him, but the McLaren driver made a movement and caused a collision, the retirement of the driver with the number 2, and a Virtual Safety Car.

With the VSC on track, drivers made their pitstop, but just when it was going to finish, Hamilton made his pitstop and he was on track again really close to Vettel, but the german was ahead, and this time Bottas couldn’t help him, because the Mercedes engine of the Finnish driver blew up. But this was not over for the British driver, who could overtake Vettel thanks to the different tyre strategy and the DRS, taking the leadership of the race.

Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were with him at the podium. The top 10 was completed with Perez, Ocon, Hulkenberg, Wehrlein, Sainz, Kvyat and Grosjean.

The next round of the championship will be the streets of Monaco. Let’s see what the classic track will give us on this new era of Formula 1.