F1 – Chinese GP – Race

Lewis Hamilton achieved a new victory at the Chinese GP on a race where strategy was the most important thing. From the start until the finish line the slippery track gave us emotion with different tyre strategy that caused mistakes, overtakes, battles, and a start of a race which could be perfectly from a Playstation videogame.


Before the start everybody on the grid was with intermediate tyres… except one driver, Carlos Sainz, who risked everything on a different strategy with super soft tyres, something that was the right choice because everybody started to change the tyres after that. Max Verstappen who started on 17th position, made a videogame start overtaking everyone without problems and reaching the top 10 at the end of the first lap, on the other side, Lance Stroll was hit by Sergio Pérez and had to retire causing a virtual safety-car.

Once the VSC dissapeared, Giovinazzi crashed his Sauber at the same point where yesterday crashed, causing a safety-car and the chaos on boxes, because those who didn’t changed their tyres during the VSC, made it right now, so everybody has now different tyre strategy with soft or super soft compounds, but Carlos Sainz was one of the clevers on the grid being on top 10 with that tyres. Before the restart after the safety car, Bottas spun his Mercedes and lost a lot of positions, so he had to made a comeback if he wanted to take some points.

One of the drivers with bad luck was Hulkenberg who received two time penalties for overtaking under the safety car time. Ricciardo on the other side, made a train with the Ferrari drivers, but Vettel was the man who decided to overtake first his teammate and after that to Ricciardo and started to run chasing Max Verstappen after a few laps, but the Red Bull driver made a mistake and lost the position having to pit after that.

Behind them, Sainz and Alonso had a battle for the points… Yes, McLaren fighting for the points, but the battle finished when Sainz used the DRS to overtake the spaniard on the long straight of the circuit, but Alonso wanted to fight back, but his McLaren couldn’t give more power and had to retire after breaking the back suspension of the car. McLaren still has so much work to do if they want to fight not only for the points… for reaching the finish line.

On the final laps Ricciardo arrived to Verstappen and started a fight between them for the third place of the poidum. Verstappen started to shout on the team radio that he wanted some blue flags for Grosjean who was in front of him, but he wasn’t able to catch the Haas driver, but he could finish the race on third position.

Victory for Lewis Hamilton at the Chinese GP, having now the same points of the championship as Sebastian Vettel, who finished the race on second position. The third place was for Max Verstappen after starting on 17th position. The top 10 was completed with Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Bottas, Sainz, Magnussen, Pérez and Ocon.

The next race of the season will be the Bahrain GP, the night will come to the desert for the next round of the championship. Who will win? Mercedes or Ferrari? The answer next week.