Formula E – 2017 Mexico City ePrix – Race

After a close battle for the qualifying, it was now time for the race at Mexico with the pole position of Turvey. The battle for the victory was open and everything could happen at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, and we could say that we had the best Formula E race since the championship started in 2014.


Before the start of the race Daniel Abt was penalised for illegal tyre pressure and had to start the race from the back of the grid, so we had a new poleman at Mexico. At the start Turvey could kept his first position, making a really fast start. On the back Sarrazin hit Di Grassi, making the brazilian to go to boxes and change his rear wing during the safety-car period that the french driver caused. Da Costa before the safety car had a small problem and was overtaken by almost all the drivers of the grid when he was trying to overtake Bird for the fifth position.

The first part of the race was quite normal with a few battles on the road, and with Heidfeld making what he best do: creating a train and don’t letting anyone to overtake him. The drama started in fron when Lopez overtook Turvey who started to lost power on his car and it stopped, a bad way to finish his birthday during the April Fool’s Day. On that moment we also saw how Abt overtook Prost just at the place where the Nio driver left the car and after that, the safety car was deployed. On that moment everyone pitted and Lopez kept his position, but there was something different in front, Di Grassi and D’Ambrosio were the leaders of the race, but they had so much less energy than their rivals, so the fight for the victory was open.

When the safety car left we had two investigations for Frijns and Da Costa for making their pitstop under the minimum time, and both received a drive through penalty. At the front, Vergne was attacking Lopez for the position and the driver from Virgin cut the chicane to avoid a collision, something that the french didn’t like a lot, after that, Bird started to attack Da Costa but he lost power on his car and lost all the position that he gained on track, but if we want more drama, Lopez tried to attack D’Ambrosio who had 30% less energy than the DS Virgin driver, but Pechito made a mistake and spun on turn 1… it could get worse because also Buemi who was a couple of position back, used his fanboost and lost the control too on the same turn and almost crashed with Pechito. Both could return to the track but they were too far from the battle for the victory.

Now it was time for Vergne to attack D’Ambrosio, and the Dragon driver made a mistake and Vergne overtook him. Sam Bird wanted to try to overtake him, but he couldn’t make it, Heidfeld found a small place to attack, but he spun on the final sector, Prost could avoid the crash, Evans too… but no Rosenqvist who hit the Mahindra of his teammate. At least Sam Bird could overtake D’Ambrosio on the final lap and took a podium for the team.

Di Grassi won on this drama race of Mexico City and finally we had a different winner this season. Vergne and Bird were with him at the podium. The top 10 was completed with Evans, Prost, Lopez, Abt, Carroll, Piquet and Gutiérrez who took a point on his debut at Formula E.

Next race of the season will be at Monaco in one month, but we couldn’t say the Mexico City ePrix is over because there is an open investigation to Lopez and Prost, so the result could change in the next hours. Stay tuned for more updates.