F1 – Barcelona preseason – Day 8

Preseason is over and the next time we’re going to see the Formula 1 cars will be at the Australian GP in two weeks. Ferrari finished the day as the fastest car not only of the day, also the fastest car of the preseason, but Mercedes was the one who made more laps. Check out what happened at the last day of preseason.



This time the day started without problems for the 10 teams who completed at least the installation lap. The first red flag of the session was caused by Grosjean who ran away at turn 5 and stopped his Haas. Most of the teams were testing the ultrasoft tyres to see the real speed of their cars for qualifying, but at 11:15 Fernando Alonso caused the first red flag for McLaren, but 40 minutes later, as it happened yesterday, McLaren caused another red flag. The Woking team has serious problems even to finish the first race of the season. During the last hour of the morning session Ferrari started to make qualifying simulations and Kimi Raikkonen was improving his time in every lap finishing the session with a time of 1:18.634. With only 15 minutes to the end of the morning session Haas caused another red flag at the third sector.

Time for the last session of the 2017 preseason and Sergio Pérez was the first driver to hit the track after the lunch break. McLaren found the solution to their electrical issue, and Red Bull confirmed they had problems with the turbo of his Renault engine. Both of them could make a few more laps during the afternoon, but the orange team didn’t make any race simulation in the 8 days of winter test. Kimi Raikkonen caused the first red flag of the afternoon after having a spin at the third sector of the track. During the last hour of test, Carlos Sainz caused the last red flag of the preseason after leaving his Toro Rosso at the finish line straight. The last minutes of the preseason were completed without problems.

That’s all fot the winter test in Barcelona. A lot of impressions that we can take from these test, but still don’t know who will be on top at Melbourne. The only thing we can do is wait for the lights at Albert Park in two weeks.