F1 – Barcelona preseason – Day 4

Last day of the first round of winter test for the 2017 Formula 1 season with a wet test at Barcelona. During the night some trucks were putting some water at the catalan track to let the teams to test the full wet tyres during today’s test.


We saw so many action during the first minutes of the day because the sun was making the track to dry really fast, but Williams was not going to make any lap today after the crash of Lance Stroll yesterday. The intermediate tyres appeared 1.30h after the start of the session and what a surprise, McLaren was one of the teams who made more laps at the start of the day. Ferrari, on their way, were the first team to use the soft tyres at midday and the times were going down again, but were not as good as yesterday. Mercedes had an electrical problem on their car and Lewis Hamilton couldn’t make any lap during the morning session.

During the lunch break, Pirelli said they were going to put more water at the track to let the teams to continue making more wet test. Bottas was the only car on track during the first minutes of the session. A few more drivers made a couple of laps, but only 1h was enough time to dry the track but Mercedes was the only car that we were seeing doing more laps was the Mercedes, while the other teams didn’t use the afternoon so much until the track was able for soft tyres. Haas was the team who also used the day to receive more data from the cars, being the only team who made more than 100 laps today. Toro Rosso confirmed during the afternoon that they had problems with the engine, so they couldn’t make anything during the day, like Williams.

Chequered flag and Kimi Raikkonen finished on top at the 4th day of winter test in Barcelona with Verstappen 2nd and Palmer 3rd. Grosjean was this time the team who made more laps today, and so many problems for Williams and Toro Rosso. Next week we’re going to see new updates on the cars and we can get more conclusions for this new season. Stay tuned for more updates.