2017 – Repsol Honda Team

Hello MiniFans!

The Repsol Honda Tam showed their bike for this 2017 MotoGP season a couple of hours ago at Jakarta with the same line-up as the latest years. Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez will face the championship with recharged energies and will try to win again the championship.

Some people say that if something is working, then why are you going to change it? That’s the spirit of Honda for this season and both riders and bikes are using the same design as last season, so there are no major changes for them, expect of the new sponsor for the team, Pull & Bear that will be at Marquez’s helmet.


And that’s it for now, now it’s time to relax a bit, but next week we’re going to enjoy another MiniVintage chapter with the 2008 MotoGP United States GP. Are you ready to enjoy more MiniVintage chapters? See you MiniFans and remember… Be Mini-good!