MiniVintage – 2002 Austrian GP

Hello MiniFans!

February is here and we bring you a new MiniVintage chapter. Today we’re going to release a polemic F1 race, specially for Ferrari, who brought at the 2002 Austrian GP a shameless result for the team when Rubens Barrichello was being told to let his teammate to pass to win the race.

Enjoy the highlights of the Austrian GP with your favorite characters on a month where the polemics will be the topic for the MiniVintage chapters.

– MiniVintage – 1×04 – F1 – 
2002 Austrian GP

And that’s it for now, but as always we won’t stop bringing you the best chapters during this preseason, and as you have seen, the next chapter will be the 2005 United States GP, a race where only 6 cars raced due the problems with Michelin and Indianapolis.

See you and remember… Be mini-good!