2017 – Ducati Team

Hello MiniFans!

After seeing yesterday the new Yamaha for the 2017 season, it’s now time to see the new red rocket will face against the Honda and Yamaha and will try to get that crown that they are still looking for since the last years, and thanks to a great season last year, it could be nearest than ever.

With a new line-up with Jorge Lorenzo joining the italian team, the Ducati Team will try to find the right pace for the championship and will do their best on a season that will be really exciting. The livery is not very different as we saw last year, and the helmets are the same for both riders, with small changes for them.

That’s it for now, but the launches won’t stop. Very soon we’re going to see the new Suzuki on January 29th, the lightning blue will have a new line-up for this season and we can’t wait to show you how will be. See you MiniFans and remember… Be mini-good!