MiniDrivers – Mini for Speed 4

Hello MiniFans!

As I promised, the season was not over and the MiniDrivers had another chapter ready to all of you. Every two years we have a special season finale called Mini for Speed and it’s now time to enjoy the 4th part of this season finale but with a special condition… This time we have a karting edition of Mini for Speed. Enjoy the Mario Kart jokes and find all the easter eggs which are on this chapter.

– MiniDrivers – Chapter 8×22 – 
Mini for Speed 4

And that’s it for now. The season is now closed and we must think about the 2017 season… But before that let’s think about the past… Do you want to remember some classic races of the last years? On January 1st the Mini Vintage chapters will start with a special season of 8 chapters that will be released before the start of the new season. Get ready to enjoy the past races of motorsport.

See you and remember… Be mini-good!