F1 – Abu Dhabi GP – Qualifying

Hello MiniFans!

Last round of the championship. The Abu Dhabi GP qualifying session has just finished and the Mercedes boys are thinking about how to manage the long race that they will have tomorrow. Nico or Lewis, one of both will receive the crown of World Champion while the other will be remember as the subchampion. Wanna know what happened during the qualifying session? Keep reading!

The Toro Rosso team had to make their qualifying session completely blind because they had a lot of problems during the whole weekend. On their first attempt, Lewis Hamilton made a lap 1 second faster than his teammate. Both Ferrari and Verstappen made their lap between Hamilton and Rosberg, but none of them were quicker enough to catch the british driver of Mercedes. The Toro Rosso were having serious problems to make a good lap, and they were at the knockout zone during the whole session. Chequered flag and Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver on Q1 with Kvyat, Magnussen, Nasr, Ocon, Sainz and Ericsson at the knockout zone.

Second session of the qualifying and Lewis Hamilton didn’t lose time to go out of the track. His teammate made the same a few seconds later. Red Bull, like the other qualifying sessions, were making their Q2 with the super soft compound while the other drivers were using the ultra soft. Lewis made the best time and his teammate was this time really close, with only one tenth between them. Chequered flag and Hamilton again was the fastest driver of the session with Bottas, Button, Gutiérrez, Grosjean, Palmer and Wehrlein at the knockout zone.

Last session… Hamilton or Rosberg? The battle for the title has their first round with the pole position. The 44 was the first on making his lap on the track, making a lap more than 3 tenths faster than Rosberg. The psychological war between them is awesome and we’re enjoying as much as the fans at Abu Dhabi. Raikkonen made the third best time with Ricciardo 4th and Verstappen 5th. Everything was still on the air, but the drivers will have another chance after going to boxes.

As we saw during the whole weekend, Lewis went first to the track, being the first on making the last qualifying lap of the 2016. Both Mercedes were really close, but Lewis Hamilton broke the time being the only driver with a 1:38, and Nico could improve, but not enough for beating his teammate.


Pole position for Lewis Hamilton with Nico Rosberg 2nd and Daniel Ricciardo with the 3rd position. The top 10 was completed with Raikkonen, Vettel, Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Perez, Alonso and Massa.

Tomorrow Lewis Hamilton must win if he wants to win the championship, while Rosberg only need to finish 2nd to become World Champion but the Red Bull will use a different strategy, what we will happen tomorrow we don’t know, but we’re sure we’ll have fun. See you MiniFans and remember… Be mini-good!