F1 – Mexico GP – Race

Hello MiniFans!

How polemic was the Mexico GP at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen on their battle during the last laps of the race. Both drivers were fighting for the third place of the podium when the polemic arrived between them. Wanna know what happened? Keep reading!

At the start Lewis Hamilton kept the first position but he ran away of the track, something that we thought that it was investigated, but the FIA was focused on a crash that we saw at the back of the grid between Ericsson and Wehrlein, who had to retire, and also between Alonso and Sainz, receiving the second a 5 second penalty for forcing Alonso out of the track.

During the first laps there were not so many battles, the only ones were with Ricciardo, who pitted during the safety-car and had to recover so many positions during the race, or the one between Massa and Vettel, with the special radio messages from the Ferrari driver.

The first part of the race didn’t gave us so many action, something that make us think that we were going to have again a boring race at Mexico, but we started to see Verstappen starting to chase Rosberg for the second position of the championship and attacking him on a very aggressive movement, that caused that Verstappen had to be more conservative with his tyres, something that Vettel used to chase him for the third place of the podium.

On the last laps Vettel attacked Verstappen, but the Red Bull driver made the same movement as Hamilton at the start, something that caused Vettel to start to shout bad words on the team radio… Even we saw how the FIA said that they were going to investigate it after the race, with Vettel giving a special message for Charlie Whiting between beeps.


Lewis Hamilton won the Mexico GP with Nico Rosberg 2nd and Max Verstappen 3rd… But the Red Bull driver received a 5 seconds penalty during the podium, so he was dropped to the 5th position, giving the podium to Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo 4th. Now with Verstappen 5th, the top 10 was completed with Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Massa and Pérez.

The next race will be at Brazil in two weeks. Lewis Hamilton is now closer to Nico Rosberg, but the german driver has another match ball to become World Champion. What will happen at Interlagos? We’ll know very soon but until then… Be mini-good!


Sebastian Vettel also received a 10 second penalty for move on Ricciardo and he lost the podium, so… Here we have the new design of the podium.