F1 – Malaysian GP – Qualyfing

Hello MiniFans!

It’s time for the F1 qualifying with the Malaysian Grand Prix who changed their date at the calendar. Trying to avoid the rain period, the Sepang International Circuit is back for the F1 qualifying session. Want to know what happened? Keep reading!

Fernando Alonso will start tomorrow from the back of the grid after making the last engine changes for the last races of the season with the last tokens of the season. Jenson Button spun on the last sector but the british driver could try a lap after that without problems. Awesome lap from Hulkenberg who took the third position with his Force India, while Grosjean lost the right mirror of the car. Ferrari is not working well with the medium tyres and had to make a lap with the soft tyres and they could reach the Mercedes times, but without being faster than them. Lewis Hamilton finished Q1 as the fastest driver and at the knockout zone we had Ericsson, Nasr, Palmer, Ocon, Wehrlein and Alonso.

Second session and the battle between both Mercedes is hotter than the temperature, with Lewis Hamilton making a lap half of second faster than his teammate. Both Red Bull made a great lap and were really close to Nico Rosberg, something that could make us think that the german can lose the first row at Q3. At the other hand, Ferrari can’t find the pace and they are behind both Red Bull, but this time they are ahead of Force India. Lewis Hamilton finished the Q2 at top again and at the knockout zone we had Bottas, Grosjean, Gutierrez, Magnussen, Kvyat and Sainz.

Last qualifying round and Red Bull will try their best to become faster than Mercedes. Rosberg made a bad lap being behind both Red Bull and Kimi, while Lewis Hamilton could beat everyone with half of a second of advantage. Rain was getting close to the track, so the question will be if the last 3 minutes of the qualifying will be on dry or not.

Nico Rosberg had only one lap to become faster than both Red Bull and try to fight his teammate, but Lewis also tried a final lap. Rosberg made a small mistake on the last turn, but could beat both Red Bull.


Lewis Hamilton will start the Malaysian GP on pole position with his teammate Nico Rosberg on second position. The second row will be for both Red Bull with Max Verstappen 3rd and Daniel Ricciardo 4th. The top 10 will be completed with both Ferrari with Vettel and Kimi, both Force India with Perez and Hulkenberg and will close the Q3 Button and Massa.

And that’s it for today, tomorrow we’ll know what will happen at the race and if the rain will appear or not. Do you think Rosberg will win? That Hamilton will take points to his teammate? We’ll know it really soon, but until that, you know… Be mini-good!