F1 – Belgian GP – Qualifying

Hello Minifans!

Summer break is over and Formula 1 is back with the favorite track for everyone: Spa Francorchamps. We just saw the qualifying session with penalties for so many drivers of the grid. Wanna know what happened? Continue reading!

Before the start of the first session we must say that Lewis Hamilton will have a 60 position grid penalty for different changes on his car, Alonso has 35 positions, Ericsson has 10 and Gutiérrez 5 positions. FIA was very strict, specially with the track limits and during the qualifying we saw how Felipe Nasr’s time was deleted due exceeding the track limits, and also Magnussen had his time deleted. Alonso who was only going to make one lap had problems and stopped his car at sector 1… “Great improvement” from Honda and their upgrades. Vettel and Kimi were the fastest drivers during the first part of Q1. Checkered flag and Sebastian Massa was the fastest driver on Q1 with Nasr, Ocon, Kvyat, Ericsson, Hamilton and Alonso out for the battle for Q2.

Second session of qualifying and the strategy for the race will be very important, because maybe some drivers could try to make their lap with soft tyres and have a better race pace for tomorrow. Nico Rosberg was the first driver on using that tyre for their qualifying lap and was even faster than the drivers with super soft tyre. Ricciardo was going to take risk with 9th position with Daniel Ricciardo and they won’t try a last lap while other drivers will try their last attempt. Chequered flag and Nico Rosberg was the fastest driver on Q2 and we have out for the Q3 battle Grosjean, Magnussen, Gutiérrez, Palmer, Sainz and Wehrlein.

Third round and the time for the truth for some teams. Sergio Perez was the first driver who made his lap and with a small mistake he could be faster than his teammate, but Sebastian Vettel was faster than him, but the german driver couldn’t celebrate it too much because Max Verstappen was just behind him and he was faster than him, but the fastest driver was Nico Rosberg with his Mercedes using the super soft tyres.

After the change of tyres, everyone made their last attempt and Kimi Raikkonen could be faster than his teammate taking the 3rd position, but the german couldn’t improve because he made a mistake at the bus stop complaining on his team radio. No one could be faster than Nico Rosberg who was the fastest driver of the day.


Pole position for Nico Rosberg who will start the race with the soft tyre, he will be followed by Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen. The top 10 will be completed by Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg, Valtteri Bottas, Jenson Button and Felipe Massa.

Tomorrow Nico Rosberg has a chance to take so many points to Lewis Hamilton but the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers won’t let him do it so easily. What will happen tomorrow? We’ll know really soon but before that you know… Be mini-good!