Happy 7th Anniversary

¡Hello MiniFans!

Today is a very special day, today is September 27th, and as you may imagine, today our first chapter is 7 years old, that MiniDrivers Begins that showed us those big characters that every day was changing until we reached the little ones that we’re enjoying nowadays, and for being a special 7th anniversary we have 7 surprises for you… Are you ready?

Most of you have seen how our little characters have been evolving, and maybe we had changed our design every year, but since 2014 we found a standard designs for the series but… What happen with all the older designs? There is no problem! Now you can enjoy in our official Facebook page a modern design of all the Minis from 2008 to 2015.

But… Why stop at the start of the series? And what if we still go backwards in time? From here I will announce that I’m working really hard to bring you the designs of all the characters of our the last 25 years, but I must say that this is a really hard work, but you will see this work every day, so for now you can enjoy the 2007 season with all the drivers in Mini version and the idea is on October to make 2006 and 2005 and before the end of the season finish until the 2000 and during the winter break make all the 90s Minis. For now you can download the 2007 in our Facebook page.

Most of you ask for that, most of you wanted this to come back, and today I can confirm that one of the section that you most loved is back, the “what if…”. From now and every 10 days you will enjoy a new “what if…” in our Youtube channel, so you can now bring your ideas at the comments at this blog and from October 10th you will see the “what if…” back.

And now that we’re talking about sections, let’s prepare a new one, and in this case, maybe we’re updating all the drivers of the grid so… Don’t you want to enjoy the best moments of Formula 1 with your favorite characters? Today you can enjoy a new section called MiniVintage where you can enjoy the best moments of the last years of F1. We started this section on September 25th with the 10th anniversary of the 1st title of Fernando Alonso and very soon you will enjoy more iconic moments of the history of Formula 1 the same day that happened.

Those that are fans of the MiniDrivers videogame we have a big surprise to all of you. From this Monday and for the next 7 days you will have all the inApps purchased of the iOS and Android videogame at 50% of discount but… What about the STEAM version? We have a great surprise! At the official Facebook page we will start a contest where we are going to bring 7 free version of the STEAM videogame, one for each year. Don’t wait and this Monday try to get your free version at the contest!

And now that we’re talking about surprises, I can announce that we’re working on a new secret project, something that for now we can’t say what is, but I’ll give you a clue about it, and is something that really soon you’ll see it, a project that is strong as a hammer, and smooth as butter, so small as a mobile and big as the people that have it. Very soon you’ll receive more news about it.

And now the big one… It wasn’t supposed to say about it until it was more developed, but I can’t wait anymore… During the last months you’ve seen that I’ve been making more mistakes as usual in the chapters, but there is a reason… Why updating all the MiniDrivers designs? Why being backwards in time with the grid? All this has a special meaning and is that thanks to Victor Abad we’re working on a very special project that I’m sure all of you will love and you can see just a sneak peak by making click in one of the gifts that you have right here.


What do you think? Which was the surprise that you liked most? We want to know it, so let us your comments right here.