Christmas MiniContest

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!

This Christmas the Mini team want to give a present to their fans, but our budget is not enough to our 40 thousands of fans that we have in Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. That’s why we wanted to create a little MiniContest to all of you with very tempting prizes thanks to our friends of Amlin Aguri and Trulli Formula E.

You know that talent is very important, and we love when you send us your drawings, so this time, and thanks to our most recent cartoons, the MinEDrivers, the contest will be about the most electrical characters of the grid.

To enter to the contest you must do two simple but very important things:
– You must make a drawing of your favorite Formula E team with the MinEDrivers. That drawing must be sent to our email with the subject MiniContest between December 31st and January 10th.

– Thanks to our friends of Amlin Aguri and Trulli Formula E the second step is to thank them their generosity so what we want you to do is to give a vote on the Fanboost site to one of the 2 drivers of their team, but to see that you made it, we want you to share the vote on your social profile (Facebook or Twitter) and send us the link on the email with the drawing.

To give the vote on the Fanboost site to Amlin Aguri or Trulli Formula E you must follow this link:

All the fans that have made right the two steps will enter automatically on the contest and the selection of the winners will be made with votes between different Formula E sites or social profiles.

You’ll know who will be the winners on January 15th on this site and we will put in contact with them to send the prizes.

The Amlin Aguri and Trulli Formula E Team have collaborated on the selection of the prizes and that’s why we won’t have only a winner… We will have 10 winners that will be divided in two groups!

Those who enter on the top 10 will receive signed photos of the drivers of Amlin Aguri (Antonio Félix da Costa and Katherine Legge) and Trulli Formula E Team (Jarno Trulli and Michela Cerruti). Also, we want to make this holidays as sweet as possible and we will send also a sweet of the Formula E cars thanks to the Amlin Aguri team.

Those who will finish between the top 5, will win what you read before and also will win signed caps, one for team and signed for the drivers.

Apart of all the prizes for the top 10 and top 5, the winner will receive a personal design of MinEDrivers, MiniBikers or MiniDrivers and a DVD of the 2014 season of MiniDrivers and MiniBikers.